Startup bailout is not enough

Berlin, 20.07.2020

The Corona pandemic is more than a major challenge for the German economy. great challenge. And it is hitting the German start-up scene and young start-up scene and young companies. In order to protect them from the the consequences of the Corona crisis, the Federal Ministry of Economics and the Ministry presented a rescue package with a volume of €2 billion. with a volume of €2 billion. According to this, all start-ups, that need further financing as a result of Corona can use the rescue fund from from 2 April 2020 until the end of the year. take advantage of it. There are two different pillars: for start-ups with venture capital and for start-ups without VC. The latter are to get access to pillar access to Pillar 2 via the Länder. Implementation is the responsibility of the individual federal states.