About us

The Bavarian centres for founders and technology are a tool of economic politics for supporting innovative business foundations and self-sufficiency in the respective regions.

Our objective and task is to offer an optimal environment for the start-up and development of future orientated businesses, catering to the founders’ and young businesses’ needs.

This includes apart from inexpensive and flexible premises the shared use of infrastructure as well as extensive support and coaching capacities.

The Bavarian centres for founders and technology act as interest representatives in a continuous dialogue with politics and associations in order to improve basic conditions for the establishment of new business enterprises.

The centres themselves are supported financially and predominantly run by local and publicly engaged partners.

All of the centres for founders and technology are run individually. Structure of cost, the offered infrastructure and service vary according to the requirements of the respective areas of technoloy and locational conditions.

The success of these centres for founders becomes apparent for example in the number of employees per company, which is more than twice as high after five years than in foundations operating outside the centres.

Even more significant is the rate of insolvency, which in a comparative period of time comes to an average of only 5-10% as opposed to more than 50% for foundations operating outside the centres.

We offer optimal development opportunities for
technology companies

The ARGE TGZ Speaker-Team

Mario Mages

1st speaker
IGZ Bamberg & LAGARDE1

Katharina Kroll

Office Manager
IGZ Bamberg & LAGARDE1

Dr. Thomas Diefenthal

BioPark Regensburg

Christian Meyer

Mittelstandszentrum Maximilianshütte